Moustache Twisting Results in 4 Brutal Murders in Islamabad

Web DeskDecember 6, 2023
Moustache Twisting Results in 4 Brutal Murders in Islamabad

Dispute Sparks Deadly Violence in Islamabad

A dispute over moustache-twisting, initially deemed trivial, escalated into a series of murders in Islamabad, resulting in multiple fatalities. The violent incident unfolded late Tuesday night near the Shahzad Town Police Station, marking a tragic turn of events.

Fatal Altercation Between Rival Parties

The altercation between rival parties culminated in the killing of four individuals, including former UC chairman Ibrar Shah and his son Hamza Shah. The victims’ driver and gunman, present in the same vehicle, also succumbed to the deadly firing.

Familial Connection Revealed in Ongoing Investigation

As the investigation unfolds, it is revealed that the victims and their assailants share a familial connection, with an underlying history of enmity. The police have yet to apprehend any suspects at this stage.

History of Violence and Retaliation

Prior incidents involving the same parties include the murder of a relative of the victims in 2021. Additionally, the deceased were accused of shooting another individual, Hammad Shah, associated with the rival group.

Legal Proceedings and Post-Mortem Examinations

Cases related to all the murders have been officially registered at Koral and Shahzad Town police stations. Post-mortem examinations were conducted on the bodies of the victims before being handed over to their grieving families.

Police Pursue Culprits in Ongoing Feud

Police efforts are actively underway, with raids being conducted to apprehend the culprits involved in this deadly feud. The investigation aims to shed light on the underlying causes and dynamics leading to the tragic incident.

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