Muhammad Rizwan’s Controversial Out: Watch here

Web DeskDecember 29, 2023
Muhammad Rizwan's Controversial Out: Watch here

Amid the second Test clash between Pakistan and Australia in Melbourne, a contentious decision marked a critical moment as Mohammad Rizwan faced dismissal. Australian captain Pat Cummins initiated the appeal for a caught-behind decision during the 61st over of Pakistan’s second innings, which initially saw the on-field umpire reject the appeal.

However, Cummins chose to challenge the decision, suspecting that Rizwan might have gloved the ball. Upon referral to the third umpire, a thorough examination of multiple camera angles revealed a spike on the technology as the ball passed Rizwan’s wristband. Consequently, the initial decision was overturned, resulting in Rizwan being declared out.

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Despite reliance on the hotspot technology, typically indicating contact with a heat mark, no such mark emerged when Rizwan turned away from the ball. This inconclusive evidence created a stir, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the dismissal.

Expressing surprise and uncertainty, Rizwan, who was batting at 35 runs, left the field amid the unfolding controversy. This pivotal moment unfolded as Pakistan pursued victory, tasked with bridging a daunting 98-run deficit in their second innings against the Australian side.

The controversy surrounding Rizwan’s dismissal added intrigue and debate to an already intense encounter, impacting Pakistan’s efforts to secure victory in the Melbourne Test against Australia.

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