Murad Khan Shines in Korean Volleyball Tournament for Pakistan’s Team

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Murad Khan Shines in Korean Volleyball Tournament for Pakistan's Team

Murad Khan emerged as the standout performer in the Korean Volleyball league, achieving the highest single-match points in the season during the KAL Jumbos versus Hyundai Skywalkers game.

Khan contributed 52 points, leading KAL Jumbos to a 3-2 victory over the Skywalkers. He earned the match MVP title with an outstanding 72.73% attack success rate.

In December, Murad Khan officially joined KAL Jumbos following the completion of his International Transfer Agreement (ITA), a prerequisite for participating in the Korean V-League.

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Expressing his joy after the game, Murad Khan remarked, “I’m pleased with our victory. This marks the first instance where I’ve scored over 50 points.”

Coach Tommi Tiilikainen of KAL Jumbos praised the exceptional skills of the Pakistani volleyball player, particularly after his remarkable performance where he achieved a season-high 52 points in an enthralling match. Enthused by Khan’s display, the coach commented, “52 points? It’s extraordinary. It sets a remarkable record. Murad showcased impressive offensive prowess.”

It is noteworthy that the highest individual points tally in a single match in the Korean V-League stands at 58, a record set by the renowned Canadian volleyball player Gavin Schmidt in 2012. Schmidt achieved this milestone while playing for Daejeon Samsung Fire Blue Fangs, a Korean V-League club.

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