Mystery Surrounds Korangi Robbery and Murder: New Footage Emerges

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In a chilling development, the Karachi police department has uncovered additional footage shedding light on the horrifying robbery and murder incident that recently shook the Korangi area. The incident claimed the lives of a father and son, sending shockwaves through the community.

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The police investigators managed to obtain fresh footage capturing the armed assailants involved in the fatal attack on a bookshop in Korangi Number 2. This new evidence has provided a clearer view of one of the perpetrators, potentially aiding in their identification. However, the motorcycle’s number plate remains obscured in the footage, posing a challenge to the ongoing investigation.

The authorities have confirmed that three armed robbers stormed the bookshop, perpetrating the brazen attack that ultimately resulted in the loss of two lives.

As part of their investigative efforts, the police conducted geo-fencing of the areas surrounding the crime scene, hoping to gather valuable leads in their pursuit of justice.

The horrifying incident unfolded last Wednesday when a father-son duo fell victim to armed dacoits while bravely resisting a robbery attempt in Karachi’s Korangi area. The victims were identified as Muhammad Hassan, aged 70, and his son, Asad, aged 37.

CCTV footage of the harrowing incident circulated widely, revealing the shocking moment when three robbers entered the bookshop and resorted to deadly violence when met with resistance.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the persistent security challenges faced by the residents of Karachi. In August, another grim incident saw a taxi driver lose his life at the hands of unidentified robbers. The driver, identified as Mumtaz, was transporting passengers from Jinnah International Airport to New Karachi when he was ambushed.

The assailants intercepted Mumtaz’s taxi within the jurisdiction of the Bilal Colony police station, demanding that he stop the vehicle. Tragically, Mumtaz’s refusal to comply with the robbers’ demands led to a fatal shooting, leaving him dead on the spot.

The police have been diligently collecting evidence from the crime scene, with the investigation into the incident still ongoing. Mumtaz, a resident of Nathia Gali, had been living alone in Greentown. His family recounted the tragic history of their encounters with violent crime, as they revealed that Mumtaz’s brother, Riyaz, had also fallen victim to robbers eight years ago.

These distressing incidents underscore the pressing need for enhanced security measures in Karachi and the tireless efforts required to bring those responsible for such heinous crimes to justice.

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