Nadia Jamil expresses her discontent with Serena Hotel

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Renowned actress Nadia Jamil expressed her dissatisfaction with Serena Hotel in a recent social media post. Having traveled for five hours from Lahore with her child, she was disheartened by the hotel’s lack of organization and cleanliness.

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Jamal described her frustrating experience of waiting over an hour to check into her room due to booking confusion. However, the most concerning issue was the unbearable stench emanating from the bathroom. The strong odor of feces was so overpowering that she couldn’t even stand inside the bathroom to wash her hands, expressing her disgust at the unsanitary conditions.

In addition to the hygiene concerns, Jamil also noted the presence of cigarette butts outside her window, further adding to her disappointment. As a guest of the corporation that had invited her, she had expected a higher level of cleanliness and organization.

Expressing her disappointment publicly, Jamil called on the hotel to improve their hygiene standards and cleanliness. She highlighted that for the price people pay to stay at Serena Hotel, a basic clean bathroom should be the minimum expectation.

While Jamil acknowledged that she couldn’t privately message the hotel due to the lack of such an option, she urged them to address the issues promptly and send someone to clean the bathroom. She emphasized the need for improvement in hygiene practices, expressing her surprise and disappointment given Serena Hotel’s reputation as one of the best in the industry.

As she awaited assistance from the hotel staff, Jamil expressed her frustration at having to use public toilets due to the unsanitary conditions in her room. She concluded by sharing her hope that the hotel would take immediate action to rectify the situation, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic experience for all guests.

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