NADRA Staff Involved in Fake CNIC Issuance

Web DeskOctober 11, 2023
NADRA Staff Involved in Fake CNIC Issuance

The Senate Standing Committee on Interior has recommended the adoption of modern measures to address issues related to fake computerized national identity cards (CNICs), the availability of citizens’ family data on the black market, and the issuance of multiple SIMs on a single CNIC that are being used in illegal activities. The committee was informed that some NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) staff and external factors are involved in issuing fake CNICs, with illegal residents infiltrating native family trees by bribing family members.

NADRA informed the committee that action has been taken against NADRA employees involved in illegal activities, with around 84 officials suspended so far. However, the absence of a law dealing with the ‘Privacy of Data’ has allowed employees to escape punishment. The committee recommended adopting modern measures to address these issues.

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Regarding the problems faced by the Mehsud tribe in acquiring passports in Karachi, the Director-General of Passport and Immigration, Mustafa Jamal Kazi, highlighted that no discrimination is shown to any individual. However, passport issuance is delayed because people from the Mehsud tribe are obtaining their passports in Karachi, while the rules state that every citizen should acquire their first passport in their respective district. The Passport and Immigration Department, despite earning a revenue of Rs. 39 billion last year, has failed to adopt modern technology, which affects the timely issuance of passports.

The committee directed the Director-General of Passport and Immigration to submit details regarding the department’s issues.

The committee also addressed the matter of the Senate Employees Cooperative Housing Society, specifically regarding the details of plot possession, the number of eligible allottees for possession, and the current status of available land for possession. The society’s name was changed to the Federal Residents Cooperative Housing Society after receiving a non-affiliation notice from the Senate of Pakistan. However, some members argued that the society was originally established by the Senate, and the NOC was issued under the Senate’s name. Private parties took over the management of the society due to administrative failures.

The committee requested details of payments made by Senate employees for membership acquisition. Additionally, the nomination of Senator Asad Ali Junejo as a member of the Board of Governors (BoG) of NACTA was ratified by the committee.

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