NASA to Publish UFO Report After Mexico’s Alien Bodies Display

Web DeskSeptember 15, 2023
NASA to Publish UFO Report After Mexico's Alien Bodies Display

NASA is preparing to release a detailed report on mysterious objects observed flying in the skies, which are now termed Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs) rather than UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).

In May, a team of 16 researchers examined these sightings and found that the current data and eyewitness accounts do not provide definitive explanations. More organized and detailed research is considered necessary.

While NASA primarily focuses on searching for signs of extraterrestrial life in space, it has not been extensively involved in investigating these unexplained sightings closer to Earth. Over the past 27 years, there have been over 800 mysterious UAP events, with only a small percentage (2-5%) defying explanation. These objects are described as exhibiting unusual behavior.
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The US government has increased its attention on UAPs due to concerns about potential foreign surveillance. NASA’s study is distinct from a Pentagon investigation, but both groups are exploring scientific methods for studying these phenomena.

Additionally, David Grusch, a former US intelligence officer, recently hinted at the possibility of the government possessing remains of the entities behind these UAPs. He referred to reliable sources, photographs, and documents that could support his claim. This development follows the presentation of alleged extraterrestrial bodies during a session of Mexico’s Congress. These “non-human” alien corpses, claimed to be thousands of years old, were discovered in algae mines in Cusco, Peru, and a significant portion of their DNA remains unidentified.

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