Naseeruddin Shah realises he was mistaken in declaring that ‘Sindhi is no longer spoken in Pakistan.’

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Naseeruddin Shah, a well-known Indian film actor, has replied to the recent controversy over his comments against the Sindhi and Marathi languages. Shah apologised and clarified his intentions in an official statement posted on his Facebook page, emphasising the value of cultural diversity and linguistic learning.

Shah addressed the controversies in his statement, calling them “completely unnecessary.” Regarding his incorrect statement concerning the Sindhi language, he recognised his mistake and offered apology. Shah noted that Sindhi is still spoken in Pakistan and emphasised the importance of preserving linguistic variety. “Two utterly pointless scandals appear to have emerged recently over things I’ve stated. One is concerning my incorrect assertion about the Sindhi language in Pakistan. “I made a mistake there,” Shah said.

In addition, Shah corrected his views about the relationship between Marathi and Farsi. “The second over what I’m supposed to have said about the Marathi-Farsi relationship.” Specifically, I said, ‘Many Marathi terms are of Farsi origin.’ My purpose was not to disparage the Marathi language, but rather to discuss how variety enhances all cultures. Urdu is a hybrid of Hindi, Farsi, Turkish, and Arabic. “I believe that every language spoken on the planet has borrowed words from all European languages, not to mention Hindustani,” he said.

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“Two completely unnecessary controversies seem to have erupted. over things I’ve said recently. One regarding my mis-statement about the Sindhi language in Pakistan. I was in error there. The second over what I’m supposed to have said about the relationship between Marathi and Farsi. My exact words were “many Marathi words are of Farsi origin.” My intention was not to run down the Marathi language but to talk of how diversity enriches all cultures Urdu itself is a mix of Hindi Farsi Turkish and Arabic. English has borrowed words from all European languages not to mention Hindustani and I suppose that is true of every language spoken on earth.”

Shah’s statements, made during an interview with Anmol Jamwal on the Tried&Refused Productions YouTube channel, sparked outrage when he unwittingly reduced the Sindhi language’s presence in Pakistan. His remark, “Sindhi, of course, is no longer spoken in Pakistan,” sparked outrage and sparked a heated controversy.

During his chat with Jamwal, Shah discussed a variety of issues, including the portrayal of the Mughal Empire in modern times, his involvement in the series Taj: Divided by Blood, his love of Urdu, his acting influences, and his future plans. While the discourse covered a wide variety of topics, his comments on the Sindhi and Marathi languages generated debate.

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