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Naumaan Ijaz Vows to Ban All TV Dramas if Appointed Head of Censor Board

Naumaan Ijaz Vows to Ban All TV Dramas if Appointed Head of Censor Board

Naumaan Ijaz, a prominent actor and host, recently shared his views on television content during an appearance on a private TV channel’s show. When asked about potential changes he would make if appointed as the chairman of the censor board, Ijaz expressed his desire to shut down all TV dramas.

He voiced concerns about the portrayal of family relations in dramas, noting that many shows depict these relationships in a negative light. Ijaz lamented the degradation of familial roles, such as mother, sister, brother, mother-in-law, and father, often portraying them as malevolent figures.

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According to Ijaz, the constant depiction of family relationships negatively undermines their sanctity and contributes to societal erosion. He highlighted the significant influence of television content on viewers and criticized the glorification of negative characters by audiences.

Ijaz pointed out instances where dramas featuring negatively portrayed characters received high ratings, indicating a troubling trend in audience preferences. He expressed disbelief at the popularity of dramas that perpetuate negativity and called for a shift in societal attitudes. Despite the prevalence of negativity in society, Ijaz remains hopeful for change and advocates for more positive representations in television content.