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Nauman Ejaz: Today’s Dramas Threatening the Sanctity of Relationships

Nauman Ejaz: Today's Dramas Threatening the Sanctity of Relationships

Noman Ejaz, a prominent figure in Pakistan’s drama industry, recently voiced concerns about the content of modern Pakistani television shows, suggesting that they undermine the sanctity of relationships.

During a recent interview, Ejaz criticized the content of contemporary dramas, expressing his belief that if he were in charge of the Censor Board, he would ban all dramas. He argued that Pakistani dramas are damaging relationships and disrespecting the sanctity of familial bonds.

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Ejaz lamented the lack of condemnation from viewers regarding the negative portrayal of relationships in dramas. He observed that modern dramas depict every type of relationship in a negative light, which he believes has a detrimental impact on society. The actor specifically mentioned the drama “Nand,” suggesting that its popularity was due to its portrayal of a sister-in-law character as villainous.

Ejaz emphasized his preference for educational dramas and noted that he exercises self-censorship in his own work. Overall, he expressed concern about the societal influence of modern dramas and their portrayal of relationships.