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New iOS 18 Design Inspired by Apple Vision Pro Headset UI


The anticipation surrounding Apple’s upcoming iOS 18, set to debut during the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10, has sparked speculation about potential changes that could mark a significant evolution in the mobile operating system.

Recent rumors suggest a departure in design aesthetics, with indications pointing toward inspiration drawn from visionOS, the proprietary software powering Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

Today, an alleged design asset purportedly associated with iOS 18 has surfaced, providing a potential glimpse into the future of the operating system. Shared with MacRumors by an undisclosed source claiming ties to an iOS engineer, the iPhone frame template showcased aims to assist developers in creating visually appealing applications through platforms like Sketch and Photoshop. However, given the anonymous nature of the disclosure, it’s advisable to approach the information with caution.

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The authenticity of this purported asset remains uncertain, but it aligns with earlier rumors suggesting a visionOS-inspired redesign for iOS 18.

Contrary to these speculations, Mark Gurman, known for his accurate predictions at Bloomberg, suggests that a comprehensive overhaul of the iOS design may not occur this year, potentially tempering the prevalence of visionOS-inspired elements in the user interface.

visionOS is characterized by its use of translucency and glass-like buttons adorned with reflective edges, reminiscent of Microsoft’s Windows Aero design, which debuted with Windows Vista. While not identical, the similarities between visionOS and Windows Aero can be likened to distant relatives sharing common traits.

As the unveiling of iOS 18 approaches, the tech community eagerly awaits confirmation of these rumors and a clearer understanding of the direction Apple intends to take with its mobile operating system.