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New Islamabad IG Ali Nasir Rizvi to Address Drug Smuggling as ‘Narco-Terrorism’

New Islamabad IG Ali Nasir Rizvi to Address Drug Smuggling as 'Narco-Terrorism'

Inspector General of Police Islamabad, Ali Nasir Rizvi, addressed the media to announce the formation of a special force dedicated to protecting Chinese citizens, comprising 100 officers. He emphasized the seriousness of drug trafficking, equating it with terrorism and indicating that it will be dealt with as narco-terrorism.

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Rizvi also expressed his commitment to creating a better environment for women who interact with police stations. He affirmed his stance against political pressure, stating that he has never yielded to it in the past and will continue to resist it in the future. Additionally, he asserted that those who do not perform adequately within the federal police force will not be allowed to remain.

The IG underscored his determination to hold corrupt individuals within the police force accountable for their actions, signaling a zero-tolerance policy toward corruption.