New Paint: Cools in Summer, Warms in Winter, Could Replace ACs

Web DeskAugust 20, 2023
New Paint: Cools in Summer, Warms in Winter, Could Replace ACs

Say goodbye to air conditioners, as scientists unveil an innovative solution. Researchers from Stanford University have crafted a paint that delivers cooling during summers and warmth during winters.

Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study suggests this groundbreaking paint could replace both air conditioning and heating systems. These collectively account for 13% of global energy use and 11% of harmful gas emissions. Additionally, the paint claims to cut electricity bills by 21%.

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Experimentation involved replicating a typical warm indoor setting in the US. Results exhibited a 7.4% year-long energy reduction with the paint’s application.

Comprising two layers, the paint comes in various colors. One layer serves as an infrared reflector, while the second consists of colored nanoparticles in a thin, transparent form.

Application to exteriors, such as walls and roofs, is essential, reflecting 80% of infrared light. With environmental concerns in mind, scientists emphasize the need for such alternatives to combat accelerating climate change.

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