New Policy on X Blue: Selfies and Government IDs Sent to Israeli Intelligence Company

Web DeskAugust 23, 2023

In a surprising move that has raised concerns about user privacy and data security, the social media platform previously known as Twitter, now referred to as X, has introduced a new policy for users of X Blue. This policy mandates users subscribing to X Blue to provide both a selfie and an image of an official government ID as part of a verification procedure.

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According to a recent report by PC Magazine, this verification process will be facilitated by the Israeli company AU10TIX software. The user’s personal data collected during this verification will be managed by AU10TIX and retained for a duration of 30 days as part of the verification process.

The motive behind this policy, as stated by X, is to enhance safety and security on the platform by preventing impersonation. The new requirement has sparked dissatisfaction among many X users who are apprehensive about the platform’s decision to retain their personal data. This unease is further heightened by concerns over potential connections between some X employees and Israeli intelligence. Additionally, users are cautious about entrusting their data to a company, given the history of reported data breaches in the digital world.

AU10TIX, an Israeli company, has a history rooted in identity verification systems, having contributed to the establishment of such systems for airports and border controls during the 1980s and 90s. In response to the internet’s rapid growth, the company expanded its operations to include “digital spaces” in 2002. With notable clients like Uber, PayPal, and Google, AU10TIX has positioned itself as a leader in digital identity verification.

Elon Musk, who assumed ownership of Twitter in October 2022, appears to have completed the implementation of the ID verification process on August 1. This suggests that the ID verification system is now operational and may soon become visible to the general public.

As users grapple with these changes, the intersection of privacy concerns, data security, and the role of third-party entities in identity verification takes center stage. The future of X Blue’s new policy and its implications for users’ personal data remains a topic of discussion and scrutiny in the digital realm.

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