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Pakistan has rented 300 luxury buses in Makkah to facilitate Hajj pilgrims

Pakistan has rented 300 luxury buses in Makkah to facilitate Hajj pilgrims

Pakistan’s Ministry of Religious Affairs announced the implementation of an extensive transportation plan to facilitate comfortable travel for pilgrims in Makkah during the Hajj season. The plan involves the deployment of 300 luxury buses to ensure smooth commuting for pilgrims staying in various neighborhoods in Makkah.

During the Hajj season, pilgrims from all over the world reside in different parts of Makkah, necessitating efficient transportation arrangements to and from the Grand Mosque. Governments and private tour operators organize accommodations and transportation services to address the logistical challenges posed by the large influx of people into the city.

The provision of dedicated transportation services, such as luxury buses, is essential to alleviate the potential increase in costs associated with other forms of public transportation, like taxis, which often experience heightened demand during the Hajj season. By offering buses, the authorities aim to make the pilgrimage experience more financially and logistically feasible for pilgrims.

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The ministry highlighted that 300 luxury buses have been hired to transport pilgrims directly from their residences to the Haram (Grand Mosque) in Makkah. This service operates around the clock, providing pilgrims with flexibility in scheduling their travels. To ensure efficient transportation, bus stops have been established at four entry points around the Grand Mosque. These designated pick-and-drop locations aim to facilitate smooth traffic flow and reduce congestion in the vicinity.

Additionally, the government has deployed guides to assist pilgrims throughout their journey, helping them navigate their designated routes and ensuring they reach their destinations without encountering any difficulties. The ministry’s objective is to implement a hassle-free transportation plan, allowing pilgrims to focus on their worship during their spiritual journey.

As of now, more than 42,000 Pakistani pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. Pakistan’s Hajj quota stands at 179,210 pilgrims, with approximately 70,000 individuals participating in the pilgrimage through the government scheme, while others opt for private tour operators. The annual pilgrimage is expected to take place from June 14 to June 19 this year.