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PM Laptop Scheme Phase IV: Check Your Eligibility

PM Laptop Scheme Phase IV: Check Your Eligibility

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has decided to relaunch the PM Laptop Scheme, directing the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to begin the procurement of laptops. Once HEC completes this process, the registration will commence. This article outlines the timeline for registration, application procedure, eligibility criteria, and other key information about the scheme.

PM Laptop Scheme Phase IV

The primary goal of reviving the laptop scheme is to enhance the quality of science and technology education in Pakistan and to harness the potential of IT. By providing laptops to students, the initiative aims to create opportunities for online employment, which can help reduce poverty in the country.

How to Apply for PM Laptop Scheme Phase IV?

The registration process for PM Laptop Scheme Phase IV has not yet begun. Currently, the HEC is in the process of purchasing laptops as per the Prime Minister’s instructions. Once this procurement is completed, the registration process will officially start.

As of now, no specific date has been set for the commencement of the registration process. However, it is expected to begin within the next month. Students interested in applying will be able to register by visiting the official Government of Pakistan website: [](

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Eligible Universities for PM Laptop Scheme Phase IV

To be eligible for the laptop scheme in 2024, students must be enrolled in an HEC-approved public sector university or its sub-campus. Below is a list of criteria and eligibility requirements

Eligibility Criteria for PM Laptop Scheme Phase IV

  • Nationality: Students must be residents of Pakistan and possess a valid Pakistani identity card.
  • Educational Enrollment: Students must be enrolled in public sector universities or HEC-approved degree-awarding institutions.

Program of Study:

  • PhD, MS, MPhil, or equivalent 18-year program in an HEC-recognized institution.
  • Four-year or five-year bachelor’s degree programs in morning or evening sessions at HEC-approved institutions.
  • MBA programs.

Who is Ineligible for PM Laptop Scheme Phase IV?

The following students are not eligible for the scheme:

  • Non-Residents: Students who are residents of any country other than Pakistan.
  • Identification: Students without a valid Pakistani identity card.
  • Verification: Students who fail to provide the required educational documents for verification.
  • Previous Recipients: Students who have received laptops in earlier phases of the laptop scheme.
  • College Students: Students studying in government degree, postgraduate colleges, or affiliated colleges.
  • Non-Applicants: Students who have not submitted an online application for the laptop.
  • Graduates: Students who have completed their degree program at the time of laptop distribution.

The PM Laptop Scheme Phase IV aims to enhance the educational landscape in Pakistan by equipping students with necessary IT tools. This initiative not only supports education but also aims to create online employment opportunities, contributing to poverty reduction. Stay tuned to the official Government of Pakistan website for updates on the registration process and start dates.