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The CCP has taken notice of dangerous stunts depicted in advertisements for energy drinks

The CCP has taken notice of dangerous stunts depicted in advertisements for energy drinks

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has initiated an inquiry into the risky stunts depicted in television commercials (TVCs) by leading beverage manufacturers.

These commercials feature dangerous stunts involving bikes, cars, and other extraordinary performances, all seemingly fueled by or associated with the consumption of soft and energy drinks. While the portrayal of such stunts itself does not violate Pakistan’s Competition Law, the CCP is concerned about the absence of clear disclaimers cautioning viewers against attempting similar acts independently.

In letters addressed to various beverage companies, the CCP has raised questions about their responsibility in showcasing these stunts without providing adequate warnings to viewers. The Commission emphasizes that these stunts, performed by professionals under controlled conditions, may be misleading to consumers, particularly young adults, who may attempt to emulate them without understanding the risks involved.

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Under Section 10(2)(b) of the Competition Act, 2010, disseminating false or misleading information to consumers is prohibited. Failure to disclose material information or provide relevant disclaimers could be construed as deceptive marketing practices, constituting a violation of this section.

The CCP clarifies that “misleading information” includes statements that could lead to misunderstandings or errors, whether deliberate or not, while “false information” pertains to statements that are contrary to truth or fact. The Commission has directed the companies to explain their non-compliance with the provisions of Section 10 within seven days of receiving its letters.

This action underscores the CCP’s commitment to ensuring consumer protection and transparency in advertising practices, urging companies to uphold ethical standards and provide clear and accurate information to consumers.