NewYork Times Sues OpenAI for AI Theft

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NewYork Times Sues OpenAI for AI Theft

The New York Times has initiated legal proceedings against OpenAI and Microsoft for alleged unauthorized use of its published content for training artificial intelligence (AI). The lawsuit, filed in the Federal District Court of Manhattan, asserts copyright infringement by both entities, marking a pivotal moment in the intersection of media and AI technology.

This legal action signifies The Times as the first major media organization to take legal action against OpenAI, the developer behind ChatGPT, over purported copyright violations. The lawsuit claims that OpenAI and Microsoft leveraged millions of Times articles to train AI-powered chatbots, positioning these AI entities as direct competitors to The New York Times in offering credible and reliable information.

Although the lawsuit doesn’t pursue financial compensation, it demands that the accused parties assume responsibility for “billions of dollars in statutory and actual damages” associated with the unauthorized utilization of The Times’ content. Furthermore, it calls for the removal of any chatbots developed using copyrighted material from The New York Times.

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The formal complaint from The New York Times revealed prior attempts to address concerns with Microsoft and OpenAI in April. The Times sought to resolve issues regarding the use of its intellectual assets by proposing a commercial agreement and advocating for rigorous “technological safeguards” governing AI products. Regrettably, these negotiations failed to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

In response to the lawsuit, OpenAI spokeswoman Lindsey Held expressed surprise and disappointment, highlighting the company’s constructive engagement with The Times in discussions. Held emphasized OpenAI’s respect for content creators’ rights and its commitment to collaborative efforts with publishers, ensuring mutual benefits from AI technology and innovative revenue models. She conveyed optimism about finding a mutually beneficial path forward, reminiscent of their successful collaborations with other publishers.

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