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Norway Excludes Pakistan from National Threat Assessment List

Norway Excludes Pakistan from National Threat Assessment List

The decision by Norway to remove Pakistan from its National Threat Assessment List is indeed a significant development. This decision reflects effective diplomatic efforts by Pakistan, which led to persuasive discussions with Norwegian authorities resulting in the exclusion of Pakistan’s name from their list of nations of security concern.

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This announcement, as conveyed through the latest report issued by Norway’s Police Security Service, marks a positive turn in bilateral relations between Pakistan and Norway. For years, Pakistan’s inclusion in Norway’s National Threat Assessment posed challenges for Pakistani students and researchers, impacting their opportunities due to perceived security concerns.Pakistan’s successful diplomatic initiatives have now resulted in its removal from the list, signaling improved relations and a more favorable environment for educational and research exchanges between the two countries. This decision is expected to enhance Pakistan’s reputation on the global stage and open up new avenues for educational and research collaborations with Norway.