Numerous improvements are being made, and solar energy is being used by Pakistan Railways

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Numerous improvements are being made, and solar energy is being used by Pakistan Railways

To cut costs, Pakistan Railways (PR) is converting to solar energy. CEO of PR Arshad Salam Khatak made this announcement on Facebook Live on Wednesday.

He said that following its success, Bolan Express and Mohenjodaro Express would also resume service on July 20. In response to criticisms about the sanitation of the Hazara Express train, he said that the PR administration is working to give its consumers the finest amenities despite its limited resources.

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In response to a question concerning the filthy conditions in several railway yards, he said that PR had cleaned up the area but local officials had not. He pleaded with the populace to help PR workers keep the area clean and to avoid leaving trash on train tracks.

Although the CEO said that certain train schedules were interrupted by wet days, the schedule was generally correctly followed. Khatak’s response to a query regarding the R0hi Express was that it won’t be restored any time soon.

PR intends to upgrade Millat Express to business class in the future. He claimed that Khawaja Saad Rafique, the minister of railways, had directed providing the best services for travelers.

According to Khatak, Greenline-style coaches are being built to enhance the facilities and physical form of trains. He said that more trains and stops for the railway stations in Narowal, Jhang, and Daur were being examined and would be operational again shortly.






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