Omer Shahzad on Bond with ‘Tamasha’ Contestant Zainab Raza

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Omer Shahzad on Bond with 'Tamasha' Contestant Zainab Raza

At the recent success party of “Tamasha” season 2, actor Omer Shahzad, one of the five finalists, was interviewed by a representative of the Pakistani showbiz blog Irfanistan. The interviewer asked him about the status of his relationship with fellow contestant Zainab Raza, acknowledging that it was a personal question and suggesting he could answer with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ Omer, known for being private, handled the question tactfully.

Omer shared that from his first day in the Tamasha house, he was looking for a friend he could confide in during his stay. He praised Zainab as intelligent, outspoken, and sensible, someone who wasn’t afraid to take a stand. Omer formed a strong bond with Zainab during their time together on the show.

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He revealed that living with his fellow contestants made them feel like a family, and all his emotions were natural and raw during their time together. Although he didn’t specify, he likely referred to his emotional reaction to Zainab’s eviction from the Tamasha house.

Omer referred to Zainab as his “best friend” and his go-to person for advice and problem-solving. He mentioned that he often seeks her help, and she sensibly explains things to him.

When asked if fans would see them together on screen in a drama serial again, Omer responded positively, saying, “Why not?” and expressing hope that they would be cast together in a project in the near future.


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