On Lahore’s Orange Line, bystanders intervene to prevent a suicide attempt.

Web DeskJuly 15, 2023
On Lahore's Orange Line, bystanders intervene to prevent a suicide attempt.

A group of quick-thinking people came together in Lahore’s Chauburji Chowk to save a man’s life and prevent him from jumping off the bridge to end his own.

The incident occurred on the Orange Line Bridge, according to the details. A video of the man being saved by witnesses was also circulated on social media.

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The 45-year-old guy, Saghir, was about to commit suicide when he was stopped by those present at the scene.

Saghir was transported to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital after they saved him owing to injuries. According to the medics, he is stable and not in danger.

In a similar incident last week, the Dolphin Force’s swift response prevented a lady from attempting suicide on Barki Bridge.

The event happened when a woman abruptly exited a rickshaw near the canal and ran. The Dolphin Force was nearby and caught up with her after receiving her worried message on her smartphone.

Domestic strife had sent the woman, known as Shahida from Muslim Town in Lahore, on her knees. The Dolphin Force saved her life and returned her to her husband, Javed.





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