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Our Environment nowadays is facing the problem of pollution. Various types of pollutants and different kinds of pollution are there, e.g., air pollution, land pollution, water pollution etc. Another pollutant that is a great danger to our environment is NOISE. Yes, NOISE is also a pollution that is greatly disturbing the life of man.

How does noise affect human life? NOISE has many adverse effects on human life. It makes us tired; it causes mood disorders; it is a cause of Headache and prolonged exposure to large sounds can make us psycho patients. A common problem seen nowadays is hypertension- high blood pressure is also caused by unrest due to extra noises around.

What is Noise? Is every sound NOISE? You have many sound-producing sources around you. These things are essential in your life and comforting your life. It becomes NOISE when it starts irritating you. Factories, Mills, machines, and transport vehicles are large sources of NOISE pollution. You also have some good sounds like Music or speaking of your loved ones but sometimes you wish to listen to nothing, as you need rest and comfort in your life.

Let’s talk about some sources of NOISE pollution. A larger NOISE creator is transport vehicles. No vehicle is still developed that is noiseless. People living around Highways, Railway stations, airports, harbors, or Bus stops are primary victims of NOISE pollution. They get very few hours of rest and are in their comfort zone. Moreover, people using these vehicles are not aware of the damaging effects of NOISE. They produce extra unwanted sounds by overspeeding, honking, and not using silencers.

Means of communication have become another source of NOISE pollution. Some days ago, we were using books, newspapers, and magazines but now we love to watch TV channels working twenty-four hours and social media and the internet have given these channels or videos approach to your bedrooms. No time is left for your personal comfort. A peaceful sleep has become a dream. You sleep with the sounds of your mobile phones and the next day soon after getting up you are exposed to these sounds. No one is realizing that besides comforting themselves they are a continuous source of torture for themselves.

Construction work is in progress with a speed all around the world. It is not only destroying the beauty of Nature but it is also a source of Noise pollution creating a lot of unwanted sounds like digging, breaking, grinding, cutting, etc., and the sounds of machines and vehicles being used. These sounds are quite irritating and they are also long lasting as the construction work is not completed in a few days and we can also feel the sounds even after the work is finished.

Factories and mills especially heavy industries also produce a large number of unwanted sounds. These sounds affect the people living in the surroundings and also destroy the lives of their workers as they have to work in these extra sounds for hours. They have no choice but to live without these irritating and annoying sounds. These workers eventually become sick and sometimes even die.

We have made our homes hell for us by overloading our houses with different machines that are producing various annoying sounds. We are using washing machines, grinders, cleaning machines, dryers, fans, etc. Sometimes these machines need maintenance but we ignore them because we are busy without realizing the adverse effects of extra noise in the house.

What safety measures are required to protect the victims of Noise pollution? Some safety measures are essential to protect people from NOISE pollution. Roads and Highways with heavy traffic may have safety walls to stop NOISE reaching the residential areas. Airports, harbors, railway stations and bus stops may be established away from residential areas.

Modern life style has affected us greatly. Many of us are working till late in night or even whole night disturbing the people around us. Working hours must be defined so that people may get enough time to take proper sleep and rest to restore themselves for next day working.

NOISE is a pollutant that is dangerous for health and life of man. It may be controlled to provide the people with happy, comfortable and peaceful life.

‘If you get tired learn to rest not to quit’