Oppo Unveils AndesGPT to Challenge Samsung Gauss in Chat AI

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Oppo Unveils AndesGPT to Challenge Samsung Gauss in Chat AI

In the race to harness the potential of generative AI and chatbots, smartphone giants are vying for groundbreaking innovations. Samsung recently introduced Gauss AI for its Galaxy series, and now, Oppo steps into the arena with its latest creation—AndesGPT—poised to launch alongside the highly anticipated flagship Find X7 series next month.

AndesGPT, boasting a staggering 7 billion parameters, aligns with the three-tier structure akin to Google’s Gemini AI model. The triumvirate comprises Tiny, Turbo, and Titan AI models, each escalating capabilities. The Tiny variant, housing 7 billion parameters, caters to lightweight and efficient operations, tailored for consumer devices like smartphones. In contrast, the Turbo iteration ensures swift responses across diverse scenarios, while the Titan model specializes in intricate tasks and profound reasoning.

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AndesGPT, like its competitors in the AI chatbot realm, welcomes various input methods encompassing texts, voice, images, and documents. Oppo proudly touts the chatbot’s ability to craft abstracts spanning up to 14,000 words, showcasing faster response times, clocking in at 2.9 seconds—2.5 times quicker than industry benchmarks.

Boasting features such as Swapped Attention to tackle common AI model challenges like first-word reasoning, AndesGPT emerges as a formidable contender in the AI landscape.

However, Oppo’s forthcoming flagship, the Find X7, might not fully integrate all AndesGPT capabilities. Its focus might primarily revolve around crafting AI-generated custom wallpapers, summarizing notes, and composing emails.

The global availability of AndesGPT in Oppo Find X7 phones remains uncertain. Yet, considering the shared resources between Oppo and its sibling company OnePlus, enthusiasts speculate the possibility of a similar AI-driven chatbot debuting on OnePlus devices.

As smartphone manufacturers continue to push the boundaries of AI integration, the unveiling of AndesGPT marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of AI-driven technology within the smartphone industry.

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