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Over 9,844 Pakistani Pilgrims Welcomed in Madinah by Sunday

Over 9,844 Pakistani Pilgrims Welcomed in Madinah by Sunday

Over 9,844 Pakistani Hajj pilgrims have arrived in Madinah as part of their sacred journey to fulfill their religious duty, according to the Ministry of Religious Affairs spokesperson Muhammad Umar Butt. He shared that since May 9, approximately 40 flights operated by various airlines transported pilgrims from major cities in Pakistan to Madinah.

On Sunday alone, three flights each were conducted from Islamabad and Karachi, four from Lahore, and one each from Multan and Sialkot, facilitating the arrival of 3,254 Hajj pilgrims in Madinah. Starting from May 17, pilgrims who have completed their eight-day stay in Madinah will begin their journey to Makkah, the final destination for Hajj pilgrims worldwide. They will travel as “advanced caravans,” dressed in Ihram and reciting Talbiyah.

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The Ministry of Religious Affairs has made extensive arrangements to ensure maximum facilities for intending pilgrims both in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Prior to the pre-Hajj flight operation, the ministry conducted comprehensive training sessions for weeks to educate pilgrims on necessary information and facilitate a hassle-free pilgrimage experience, including assistance at airports, transportation, meals, and medical care.

Regarding healthcare provisions, the ministry has established two fully equipped hospitals in Madinah and Makkah under the Pakistan Hajj Mission. These hospitals operate round the clock with 66 doctors and paramedics providing medical checkups and free medicines. In critical cases, patients are referred to Saudi hospitals for further treatment, including surgeries, free of cost. Arrangements are also made to ensure completion of obligatory Hajj acts for patients, including air ambulance services when necessary.