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Pakistan announces the launch of the multi-mission communication satellite ‘PAKSAT MM1’ on May 30

Pakistan announces the launch of the multi-mission communication satellite 'PAKSAT MM1' on May 30

Pakistan’s national space agency, the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco), has announced the launch of a multi-mission communication satellite, PAKSAT MM1, from China next week. This initiative underscores the strong technological cooperation between Pakistan and China.

The launch is scheduled for May 30, and PAKSAT MM1 is designed to address Pakistan’s growing communication and connectivity needs. The satellite is expected to significantly contribute to the country’s socio-economic development by providing advanced communication technologies. This endeavor marks another critical step towards Pakistan’s goal of becoming a “digital Pakistan.”

Earlier this month, another Pakistani satellite, iCUBE-Qamar (ICUBE Q), was launched aboard China’s Chang’e-6 lunar mission from Hainan, China. This satellite successfully entered the moon’s orbit on May 8 and has since begun transmitting the first images from lunar orbit, marking a significant milestone in Pakistan’s space exploration efforts.

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Suparco, established in 1961, has been instrumental in managing Pakistan’s space program, focusing on enhancing the nation’s capabilities in satellite communications, remote sensing, and meteorological science. The upcoming launch ceremony for PAKSAT MM1 will be broadcast live from Suparco’s offices in Islamabad and Karachi, showcasing this significant achievement.

The successful deployment of PAKSAT MM1 is anticipated to enhance digital connectivity across Pakistan, supporting various sectors such as education, healthcare, and commerce, thereby playing a crucial role in the country’s development and modernization efforts.