Pakistan Appeals to UN: Investigate TTP’s Possession of Advanced Arms

Web DeskDecember 21, 2023
Pakistan Appeals to UN: Investigate TTP's Possession of Advanced Arms

Pakistan has called upon the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’s (TTP) recent acquisition of sophisticated military gear. Ambassador Munir Akram, the Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN, stressed the grave threat posed by the TTP and its affiliates, highlighting their organized cross-border attacks that have inflicted severe casualties and damage on both civilian and military sectors in Pakistan.

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Akram highlighted the alarming escalation in the TTP’s attacks, attributing their increased lethality and technological advancement to the utilization of advanced weaponry. Notably, these arms seemingly originate from stockpiles left behind by foreign forces, raising crucial questions regarding the TTP’s access to such resources.

Pakistan has urgently appealed to the UN, specifically UNAMA or any relevant agency, to launch a meticulous investigation to determine how the TTP acquired these arms. The objective is not only to trace the source of these weapons but also to strategize for their recovery.

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Amidst acknowledging some economic progress in Afghanistan, Akram emphasized that engagement with the Afghan interim government must address the international community’s critical concerns. While acknowledging the interim government’s efforts against Da’esh, he raised concerns about several terrorist groups seemingly operating under the interim authorities’ protection.

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Akram expressed Pakistan’s distress over the TTP’s unhindered attacks on its installations and border outposts. Furthermore, he hinted at substantial evidence suggesting external support to the TTP, refraining from directly naming the involved party.


The envoy urged the Security Council to bolster the efforts of the 1988 Committee, pressing for decisive action by the Afghan Interim Government against all terrorist factions within Afghanistan. He advocated empowering the monitoring team to update the Council on counter-terrorism progress.

Akram stressed that any engagements with the Afghan Interim Government must hinge on its actions against these terrorist groups. He cautioned that failure to address these concerns could lead to a resurgence of terrorism from Afghanistan, posing a grave threat to regional and global stability.

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