Pakistan Embassy Refutes Reports of Visa Rejections

Web DeskSeptember 7, 2023
Pakistan Embassy Refutes Reports of Visa Rejections

The Pakistan Embassy in the United States has refuted reports suggesting difficulties faced by Pakistani Americans when applying for visas to visit Pakistan.

In an official press release, the embassy categorically dismissed these reports as unfounded rumors, emphasizing that such claims amounted to “misinformation and disinformation.”

This response from the embassy comes after a query was raised during a press briefing at the US State Department regarding alleged visa rejections experienced by Pakistani Americans seeking to travel to Pakistan.

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Earlier in the day, the US State Department clarified its position on the matter, asserting that the authority to approve or deny visa requests for US citizens rested solely with consular officials at the Pakistan Embassy. The State Department stressed that this issue was beyond its jurisdiction.

As concerns surrounding visa-related matters persist, both US and Pakistani authorities are closely monitoring the situation.

Their goal is to provide clarity and ensure the smooth processing of visa applications for Pakistani Americans who wish to visit their home country.

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