Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Successfully Concludes Pre-Hajj Operations

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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Successfully Concludes Pre-Hajj Operations

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has successfully concluded its pre-Hajj operations, which were carried out to facilitate pilgrims traveling from Karachi to Jeddah. The operations, spanning from May 21 to June 22, marked a significant milestone in ensuring a smooth and convenient journey for the pilgrims. PIA facilitated a total of 61,467 pilgrims through 268 flights, including government-sponsored and private pilgrims, as well as staff members stationed in Madina and Jeddah.

Details of the Pre-Hajj Operations:

During the pre-Hajj operations, PIA operated flights from major cities such as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, and Peshawar. This widespread coverage ensured that pilgrims from different regions had convenient access to the flights, enabling them to make necessary preparations and travel arrangements.

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PIA’s Impressive Performance:

PIA achieved an impressive punctuality rate during the pre-Hajj operations, with 94 percent of the 268 flights departing on time or slightly ahead of schedule. Out of the total flights, 249 departed punctually, contributing to a seamless travel experience for the pilgrims. Although some delays were encountered during the operations, they were limited to only 19 flights and were attributed to various reasons.

Appreciation for PIA Teams:

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PIA expressed his appreciation and commended the teams involved in achieving a high rate of timely departures throughout the pre-Hajj operations. Their efforts and dedication ensured that the pilgrims’ travel plans were executed smoothly and efficiently.

Upcoming Post-Hajj Operation:


PIA is now preparing for the post-Hajj operation, which is scheduled to commence on July 2 and will continue until August 2. This phase will focus on facilitating the return of pilgrims from Jeddah to their respective cities in Pakistan.

The successful conclusion of PIA’s pre-Hajj operations signifies a significant milestone in facilitating pilgrims’ journeys to the holy city of Jeddah. PIA’s commitment to punctuality and efficiency, as demonstrated by the high rate of timely departures, has contributed to a positive travel experience for the pilgrims. As the post-Hajj operation approaches, PIA remains dedicated to ensuring a safe and comfortable return for the pilgrims, further cementing its role as a reliable airline for religious travel.

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