Pakistan Players Unhappy with Hafeez’s Tour Rules

Web DeskDecember 27, 2023
Pakistan Players Unhappy with Hafeez's Tour Rules

Members of the Pakistan cricket team have voiced their discontentment over the stringent regulations enforced by National Team Director Mohammad Hafeez during their ongoing tour in Australia.

The introduction of newly established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) has triggered significant debate and concern among the players.

Hafeez has instated a series of strict rules, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy toward idleness. Notably, a substantial $500 fine awaits any player found napping during matches or displaying signs of disinterest. These measures are aimed at fostering a culture of professionalism and heightened focus within the team.

However, this approach has left some players dissatisfied, with comparisons drawn between the severity of these regulations and the rigorous protocols often associated with Under-16 teams.

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Responding to the players’ discontent, Hafeez defended the SOPs, emphasizing the critical importance of the ongoing tour and the necessity to maintain exceptional standards. He urged players to maintain active engagement, especially in public areas, to prevent any perception of lack of interest or energy.

The stringent nature of these regulations continues to divide opinions within the team, raising debates about the balance between discipline and player comfort during tours.

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