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Pakistan Prepares for Summer Water Crisis Amid 25% Shortage

Pakistan Prepares for Summer Water Crisis Amid 25% Shortage

As Pakistan prepares for the approaching summer months, a significant concern looms over the nation: a severe water crisis. Reports indicate that there is a potential water shortage of up to 25% anticipated for April and May, raising alarm among officials from the Indus River Systems Authority (IRSA) regarding water availability and distribution among provinces.

In response to this pressing issue, an urgent meeting of the Irrigation Advisory Committee has been scheduled for April 2nd. Chaired by the IRSA chairman, the meeting will include participation from four provincial irrigation ministers, officials from WAPDA, and representatives from the Meteorological Department.

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The current situation highlights the critical importance of rainfall, particularly in June, to prevent significant depletion in reservoir levels of key dams such as Tarbela Dam and Mangla Dam. Presently, water reserves stand at three million acre-feet in Tarbela Dam and one million acre-feet in Mangla Dam. The discharge from dams is hovering around 95,000 cusecs, with river flow maintained at 70,000 cusecs, and Marala recording a river flow of 14,000 cusecs.

The upcoming irrigation advisory committee meeting will meticulously assess water availability and distribution across rivers. Additionally, the progress of the Tarbela Dam extension project, crucial for augmenting water storage capacity, will be scrutinized.

With concerted efforts and proactive measures, it is hoped that Pakistan can navigate through this impending crisis and emerge stronger and more resilient. However, urgent action is imperative to safeguard Pakistan’s most precious resource: water.