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Pakistan Welcomes ‘High-Level’ Saudi Delegation for Investment Discussions

Pakistan Welcomes 'High-Level' Saudi Delegation for Investment Discussions

A high-profile Saudi delegation, consisting of top businessmen, has arrived in Islamabad as part of the government’s efforts to strengthen economic ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Led by leaders from more than thirty prominent Saudi companies, the delegation will engage in comprehensive discussions with Pakistani authorities to establish strong partnerships and enhance investments across various sectors of Pakistan’s economy. The visiting dignitaries will actively participate in a three-day Pakistan-Saudi Arabia investment conference commencing today in Islamabad.

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This visit follows a recent delegation trip aimed at bolstering bilateral relations. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud expressed confidence that the visit would yield significant benefits for both countries, particularly in untapped economic sectors.

Discussions have been initiated to explore new refinery projects for export purposes and enhance food security measures. The objective is to leverage Pakistani talent and attract international capital and investment, with a special focus on the IT sector.