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Afghan Arrested in Karachi With Fake Pakistani Passport

Afghan Arrested in Karachi With Fake Pakistani Passport

Muhammad Naeem, an Afghan national, was apprehended by immigration officials at Karachi Airport for attempting to enter Pakistan using fraudulent Pakistani travel documents from Abu Dhabi.

According to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Naeem arrived on flight EY221 from Abu Dhabi to Karachi without any valid UAE exit stamps in his passport. Additionally, there were no corresponding travel records in the Immigration Movement System (IMS), raising suspicions about the authenticity of his travel documents.

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Initial investigations revealed that Naeem’s passport contained fake entry and exit stamps from the UAE, suggesting a deliberate attempt to deceive immigration authorities. His identity card indicated ties to the Tando Allahyar district in Afghanistan, but Naeem refused to provide further details about his association with the area.

An FIA spokesperson stated that Naeem had illicitly obtained Pakistani identity cards and passports through fraudulent means. Following his arrest, he was transferred to the Anti-Human Trafficking Circle in Karachi for further legal proceedings. Authorities have launched a thorough investigation to uncover the extent of the document forgery and ensure all involved individuals are brought to justice.

This incident highlights the challenges faced by immigration agencies in combating document fraud and the critical need for stringent border security measures to prevent such illegal activities.