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Anas Ali Vs Rajab Butt: Boxing Match Between Two Famous Figures

Anas Ali Vs Rajab Butt: Boxing Match Between Two Famous Figures

The conflict started with a public dispute between Anas Ali, known as the “Shopify King,” and YouTuber Rajab Butt. Anas criticized Rajab’s family vlogs on social media, calling them a waste of time and lacking in meaningful content. He urged viewers to engage in more productive activities rather than watching trivial family updates. This criticism did not sit well with Rajab, whose personal and engaging vlog style has a large following.

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In response, Rajab accused Anas of using their feud to promote his business venture, “Wealth University,” an online platform where Anas teaches e-commerce and online money-making strategies. Rajab claimed that Anas was leveraging their public disagreement to gain attention and drive traffic to his courses. The exchange of accusations quickly escalated, attracting significant attention from their followers and culminating in the organization of a much-anticipated boxing match to resolve their differences.

Press Conference:

Recently, Anas Ali and Rajab Butt made a press conference. During that conference, Rajab attacked Anas Ali with few hard pushes. This whole scenario has got attention of their fans and other viewers too.

Boxing Match Details

Will take place on 30th June, 2024, Sunday.
Live Streaming Worldwide.
🎟️To Buy Tickets, Go to