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Balochistan Launches Ambulance Service for Stranded Fishermen at Sea

Balochistan Launches Ambulance Service for Stranded Fishermen at Sea

In a significant effort to improve maritime safety and rescue operations, the Balochistan government has launched a specialized ambulance service aimed at aiding fishermen in distress at sea. This initiative aims to strengthen emergency response capabilities along Balochistan’s coastline, where fishermen often face dangers from natural disasters or mechanical failures.

According to official sources, the newly introduced maritime ambulance service includes patrol boats equipped with essential medical and rescue gear. This fleet is prepared to quickly respond to distress calls from fishermen in urgent situations, providing timely medical aid and conducting rescue missions.

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The provincial government emphasized that the recent digital transformation of Balochistan’s fisheries department, costing Rs. 100 million, plays a crucial role in effectively coordinating these rescue efforts. This technological upgrade aims to enhance communication and coordination among various stakeholders involved in maritime emergencies.

Currently, the fisheries sector in Balochistan supports approximately 600,000 people, including over 82,583 registered fishermen. This initiative underscores the government’s dedication to safeguarding the lives and livelihoods of these maritime workers, who play a vital role in the region’s economy.

The introduction of this ambulance service represents a proactive step towards improving maritime safety standards in Balochistan, ensuring swift and efficient assistance for fishermen navigating the challenging waters of the Arabian Sea.