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Cattle traders have been offered free sale points

Cattle traders have been offered free sale points

The Punjab government has announced a series of initiatives to facilitate the upcoming Eidul Azha celebrations, focusing on making the process of buying and selling sacrificial animals more convenient for traders and ensuring proper waste management.

The government has decided not to charge any fees from sacrificial animal traders at the designated sale points, which will be set up on a no profit-no loss basis. This decision aims to ease the financial burden on traders and encourage the smooth conduct of animal sales. Leaves of municipal staff will be banned for 10 days before and three days after Eid to ensure that there are adequate resources for managing the increased workload during the festival.

Free eco-friendly bags will be provided to households performing animal sacrifices to facilitate easy disposal of waste. Municipal staff are instructed to handle waste disposal promptly without waiting for deadlines. A provincial monitoring cell will be established in the Local Government Secretary’s office. Local Government Minister Zeeshan Rafique emphasized the importance of including elected representatives in the monitoring process to ensure cleanliness and efficient service delivery.

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Written strategies are required from every municipal committee, and chief officers must display their contact numbers prominently for public access.The minister and senior officials will conduct unannounced visits to sale points to ensure facilities are properly provided. Deputy Commissioner Rafia Haider announced the establishment of 10 cattle markets in Lahore, with responsibilities for arrangements assigned to assistant commissioners in each tehsil.

Protective measures, such as sprays at checkpoints, and a traffic management plan will be implemented to ensure smooth operations. Trading of animals outside the designated markets will not be allowed, and regulatory action will be taken against any violations. Help desks will be set up in each cattle market to assist citizens. The Lahore Waste Management Company has been tasked with maintaining cleanliness in all markets.

The Punjab government’s comprehensive plan for Eidul Azha includes financial relief for traders, strict waste management protocols, and robust monitoring mechanisms. These measures are aimed at ensuring a smooth, clean, and organized environment for both traders and buyers during the festivities.