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Commonwealth Team, led by Ex-Nigerian President, to Monitor Pakistan’s General Elections

Commonwealth Team, led by Ex-Nigerian President, to Monitor Pakistan's General Elections

A Commonwealth team, led by former Nigerian President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, is set to arrive in Pakistan on February 1 to observe various aspects of the upcoming general elections scheduled for February 8. The team, consisting of multidisciplinary experts from across the Commonwealth, aims to provide an independent and comprehensive assessment of the electoral process, from the opening of polling stations to the announcement of results.

The Commonwealth Observer Group (COG), at the request of the Election Commission of Pakistan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will remain in Islamabad until the electoral process is completed. The team’s mission is to assess the conduct of the entire electoral process and offer recommendations to further strengthen the electoral system.

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Patricia Scotland, the Commonwealth Secretary-General, expressed appreciation for Pakistan’s commitment to transparency and accountability, stating that the Commonwealth is pleased to support Pakistan’s democratic journey. Former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, has accepted the invitation to chair the election observer group.

During their stay, the observer group members will be stationed throughout the country and will meet with various stakeholders, including political parties, election officials, media representatives, and civil society groups. On Election Day, the COG will closely observe all aspects of the electoral process and issue an interim statement with preliminary findings following the event.

After the election, a final report containing recommendations to enhance future electoral processes will be presented to the government of Pakistan and the Election Commission. The report will also be shared with other stakeholders. The Commonwealth observer groups adhere to the Commonwealth’s Revised Guidelines for the Conduct of Election Observation in Member Countries, adopted in 2018. The ultimate goal is to contribute to a peaceful and fair election in line with Commonwealth values.