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FC Balochistan Foils Smuggling Deal Worth Rs380 Million

FC Balochistan Foils Smuggling Deal Worth Rs380 Million

In a series of effective counter-smuggling operations, FC Balochistan has confiscated illicit goods valued at more than Rs380 million from May 18 to June 11, 2024. The operations were conducted across different regions including Dera Allah Yar, Barkhan, Pishin, Chaman, Noshki, and Mastung.

During these interventions, authorities intercepted and seized a significant quantity of smuggled items, including 97,000 liters of Iranian diesel, 1,313 tires, 377 cartons of cigarettes, and 90 metric tons of betel nuts.

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Additionally, other contraband such as fertilizers, non-duty paid vehicles, and mobile phones were also confiscated and handed over to customs officials.

Smugglers utilized various methods to transport these goods, employing trucks, passenger buses, and covert routes. However, FC Balochistan successfully thwarted these efforts through prompt and coordinated actions.