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FIA Apprehends Two Human Traffickers in Rawalpindi, Total Arrests Rise to 18

FIA Apprehends Two Human Traffickers in Rawalpindi, Total Arrests Rise to 18

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has made significant progress in cracking down on human trafficking networks, with the recent apprehension of two alleged human traffickers in Rawalpindi. The arrests were made as part of an ongoing operation aimed at curbing the illegal practice of sending Pakistani youth to European countries. The total number of arrests now stands at 18, as authorities intensify their efforts to combat this dangerous and exploitative trade.

Operation Initiation:

The FIA’s operation was prompted by a heartfelt plea from Imran Azam, who tragically lost his brother in a boat tragedy off the coast of Greece. Determined to seek justice for his brother’s untimely demise, Imran Azam’s plea served as a catalyst for the agency’s investigation into the human trafficking network responsible for such perilous journeys.

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Previous Arrests and Investigations:

Prior to these latest apprehensions, the FIA’s anti-human trafficking unit in Gujrat successfully arrested a human trafficker identified as Zafar Iqbal. It was revealed that the suspect had obtained substantial amounts of money from individuals in Pakistan, promising to facilitate their illegal migration to Europe. With the addition of the two recent arrests, the FIA has now apprehended a total of 16 human traffickers during the course of this crackdown.

Cases Registered and DNA Collection:

The FIA has registered approximately 37 cases against human traffickers involved in the Greece boat disaster. These cases have been filed in Lahore, Gujranwala, and Gujrat, indicating the widespread nature of the network and its operations across different regions of Pakistan.

Additionally, the FIA has taken steps to collect DNA samples from the family members of 108 missing youths. This measure has been undertaken to identify victims who lost their lives in the tragic boat incident off the Greek coast. By collecting DNA samples, the authorities aim to provide closure to grieving families and ensure proper identification of the victims.

The FIA’s recent success in apprehending two human traffickers in Rawalpindi demonstrates the agency’s commitment to combating the illegal practice of human trafficking. Through ongoing investigations and operations, the FIA aims to dismantle these networks and bring those responsible to justice. The agency’s efforts are crucial in protecting vulnerable individuals from the dangers associated with irregular migration and preventing further tragedies. By collaborating with international counterparts and intensifying its anti-human trafficking measures, Pakistan is taking important steps towards curbing this illicit trade and safeguarding the lives and futures of its citizens.