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Govt Suggests 10-Year Jail Term for Coerced Begging

Govt Suggests 10-Year Jail Term for Coerced Begging

The Punjab Home Department has proposed severe penalties for Beggars. The new legislation, submitted to the Cabinet for summary approval, targets individuals exploiting children, the elderly, and women, aiming to dismantle the beggar mafia in the region.

The proposed amendment introduces stringent punishments for gang leaders, including up to 10 years of imprisonment and a substantial fine of Rs. 2 million. Additionally, those who fail to pay the fine will face an extra three-year prison sentence. This legislation underscores the government’s strict stance against forced begging by making it a non-bailable offense, ensuring that perpetrators remain in custody without the possibility of bail.

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“Forced beggars do not deserve any discount,” stated the Secretary of the Punjab Home Department, reinforcing the commitment to stringent enforcement.

Previously, there was no specific legal framework to punish these gang leaders. Punjab Home Department Secretary Noor-ul-Amin Mengal acknowledged this gap and expressed confidence that the new measures would significantly curb the exploitation of vulnerable individuals. “This legislation is a crucial step towards bringing justice to the victims and dismantling the beggar mafia,” Mengal said.

The amendment has been sent to the Cabinet for summary approval. If approved, it will be a major milestone in the fight against forced begging in Punjab, providing law enforcement agencies with the necessary tools to prosecute and dismantle organized begging rings effectively.