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Heatstroke Claims Nine More Lives In Karachi

Heatstroke Claims Nine More Lives In Karachi

In Karachi, at least nine people have died in a single day due to severe heat that has affected the city for over a week.

The victims, suffering from heatstroke, were admitted to various hospitals. Three of these patients died at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), also known as Jinnah Hospital. Additionally, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital reported five deaths, while Civil Hospital reported one fatality.

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These recent deaths have raised the heatstroke-related toll to 26, including six men and three women.

Despite occasional rains in parts of Karachi, the weather has remained hot and humid, with further rain predicted. The Met Office stated on Friday that Karachi will continue to experience hot and humid conditions over the next 24 hours, with rain and thunderstorms expected in some areas and suburbs.

Thunderstorms are likely to form after 1 PM, with a higher chance of rain today compared to yesterday. The Met Office also noted the absence of a sea breeze due to low air pressure.

Heatstroke cases have surged over the past few days, with Karachi experiencing extremely hot and humid weather, temperatures reaching 42°C, and “feels-like” temperatures exceeding 50°C.

Three days ago, at least 150 heatstroke patients were brought to Karachi’s Civil Hospital, with 40 remaining admitted since Tuesday morning. Many patients, dehydrated from the extreme heat, were discharged after receiving medical treatment, according to the Additional Medical Superintendent of Civil Hospital.

Authorities have advised residents to stay hydrated and avoid unnecessary outdoor activities due to the severe heat.