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Imran Riaz Khan Arrested at Lahore Airport Pre-Hajj 2024

Imran Riaz Khan Arrested at Lahore Airport Pre-Hajj 2024

Pakistani journalist and political commentator Imran Riaz Khan has been arrested again, his team confirmed in a social media post.

According to details shared on the microblogging platform X, Imran Riaz was detained by law enforcement officials at Lahore International Airport.

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Despite a court order allowing him to undertake the annual pilgrimage, Khan was reportedly detained.

His team condemned the arrest in a social media post, noting that during his detention, Imran repeatedly recited ‘Labik Allah’ and was taken away in a black double cabin vehicle.

Earlier this year, an anti-terrorism court granted post-arrest bail to the former TV show host in a case involving violence outside the residence of ex-PM Imran Khan.

Imran Riaz had returned home in late 2023 after a months-long disappearance. He had been detained while traveling from Sialkot airport, and his whereabouts were unknown despite reports of his release shortly after his arrest.

His recovery followed legal actions by his family, with support from international and local rights groups advocating for his release. His lawyer highlighted the circumstances of his return and the challenges faced during his recovery.