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Imran Riaz Khan Freed; Lahore Court Dismisses Case

Imran Riaz Khan Freed; Lahore Court Dismisses Case

Anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan was released by Lahore police today after being cleared of a recent legal case that had gained public attention. Riaz was arrested at Allama Iqbal International Airport on charges of monetary fraud while preparing to leave for Hajj.

The arrest, marked by widely circulated social media footage of Riaz in Ihram attire facing police, led to public and political outcry, particularly from PTI. During a court session at Model Town Court, prosecutors requested a seven-day physical remand, alleging Riaz owed the complainant Rs0.25 billion. Judicial Magistrate Muhammad Kamran Zafar reserved judgment, and on Thursday, Riaz was cleared of the fraud charges, marking a legal win.

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However, Riaz faced further legal issues outside the court in a separate case of alleged obstruction of police duties related to an incident near Lahore airport where a barrier was damaged. At today’s judicial session before Magistrate Hafiz Kashif, attended by Advocates Mian Ali Ashfaq and Rana Maroof, the prosecution sought a 10-day remand based on Riaz’s purported disclosures about accomplices. The magistrate dismissed the charges due to a lack of substantial evidence, highlighting the absence of proof that Riaz was driving or used force against public servants, and no eyewitness statements supported the prosecution’s claims.

Riaz’s legal team celebrated the decision as a victory for justice against unfounded accusations, emphasizing resilience against fabricated charges. This episode adds to Riaz’s complex legal history, marked by previous arrests and releases amid contentious legal battles, including his disappearance and recovery, which sparked widespread concern and legal actions to protect his rights.

Riaz’s legal struggles also intersected with other high-profile cases involving public disturbances and contractual disputes, reflecting ongoing legal scrutiny of his journalistic and personal activities. As he exits the legal spotlight today, Riaz’s journey underscores broader issues of legal accountability and media scrutiny in Pakistan.