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Infant’s Body Reportedly Stolen from Grave

Infant’s Body Reportedly Stolen from Grave

In Lahore, a distressing incident was reported where the body of a three-month-old child disappeared from its grave shortly after burial

The incident took place at Lahore’s Miani Sahib Graveyard, where the child’s family buried him, only to discover the body missing the next day. The child’s father, Abdul Rahman, found the shroud outside the grave and promptly notified the police. Subsequently, three individuals, including a security guard, were apprehended in connection with the crime.

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An FIR was filed regarding the incident, dated April 23 of this year.

In a prior occurrence reminiscent of this incident, a newborn girl’s body went missing from her grave ten days after burial in Minchinabad city, Bahawalnagar district, Punjab. The police confirmed the incident and stated that they had registered an FIR based on a complaint from the girl’s father, who discovered the absence of his daughter’s body when he visited the grave.

Law enforcement agencies initiated an investigation into the disappearance, with forensic teams gathering evidence to apprehend those responsible for the tragic incident.