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Police Conduct Raid at Omar Ayub’s Islamabad Home

Police Conduct Raid at Omar Ayub’s Islamabad Home

Police, accompanied by Islamabad Police, conducted a search at the residence of Omar Ayub, the Opposition Leader in the National Assembly and PTI leader, situated in Islamabad’s F-10 area. The raid was prompted by arrest warrants issued by the Sargodha Anti-Terrorism Court in connection with a terrorism case. However, Ayub was not present at home during the raid, resulting in the authorities failing to apprehend him.

Omar Ayub responded to the raid by clarifying that the warrants issued against him were bailable, emphasizing that the actions taken by Islamabad and Mianwali police were based on these warrants. He criticized the federal and provincial government agencies, alleging that they were acting under political pressure to target opposition leaders. Ayub reaffirmed his commitment to continue his political struggle until the founder of PTI assumes the position of Prime Minister.

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The incident underscores ongoing political tensions in Pakistan, where opposition leaders frequently face legal challenges and allegations from government authorities. The confrontation between Ayub and law enforcement reflects broader issues of governance and political maneuvering in the country’s political landscape. Ayub’s assertion of political persecution highlights the contentious nature of law enforcement actions against opposition figures amidst Pakistan’s evolving political climate.