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Why is Monal Restaurant on Margalla Hills Closing?

Why is Monal Restaurant on Margalla Hills Closing?

The proprietors of Islamabad’s picturesque Monal Restaurant have informed the Supreme Court of Pakistan of their intention to voluntarily shift their establishment to a new location within three months.

Previously, the Supreme Court had mandated the closure of all dining venues situated in the Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP), which included Monal Restaurant in Islamabad. These directives were issued subsequent to a court order on March 11, which sought comprehensive documentation regarding the ownership of the restaurant’s land.

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A three-member bench, led by Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa, oversaw the proceedings involving petitions from Monal Restaurant and the Wildlife Department. Earlier, on March 8, the Supreme Court had directed the unsealing of the eatery, suspending a verdict from the Islamabad High Court (IHC). Additionally, the court instructed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to furnish original records pertaining to the 8,600 acres of MHNP land.

During the hearing, the Supreme Court summoned the immediate presence of the CDA chairman, dismissing the submitted report by the regulator. Chief Justice Isa emphasized the court’s request for details regarding Monal and other restaurants from the CDA.

The court’s instructions included a directive for all other restaurants within the National Park, including Monal, to relocate within the stipulated three-month period. The court underscored its primary objective of safeguarding the National Park and annulled any superfluous notices issued to restaurants located outside its confines.

Moreover, all leases granted to eateries within the National Park were deemed null and void. Chief Justice Isa further mandated a cessation of all commercial activities within Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s National Park.

The Supreme Court indicated that a formal written order concerning the Monal restaurant case would be issued subsequently.