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Khosa criticizes the arrest of protesting lawyers

Khosa criticizes the arrest of protesting lawyers

PTI leader Sardar Latif Khosa criticized the government on Thursday for arresting lawyers who were protesting outside the Lahore High Court in early May against the relocation of civil courts and for registering terrorism cases against them.

Speaking at a meeting of the general house of the high court bar, Khosa expressed his dismay, stating, “Today I would like to speak only as a lawyer. It has never happened in history that an armored vehicle came inside the high court and arrested lawyers. Who dares to file terrorism cases against lawyers?”

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Khosa also criticized Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa for writing to British High Commissioner Jane Marriott. The letter was in response to the British high commissioner stressing the “importance of democracy, elections, and the need for open societies.” The letter pointed out that the diplomat’s criticism of the decision was ‘unjustified.’

Khosa urged the CJP not to make a mockery of himself on the global stage. He added that his party’s review petition for the reinstatement of its electoral symbol, the cricket bat, was still pending. “You [the CJP] could have written a letter on a pending case,” he remarked.