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Peshawar Mobile Market Engulfed in Massive Fire, Billions in Estimated Damages

Peshawar Mobile Market Engulfed in Massive Fire, Billions in Estimated Damages

In the early hours of Monday, a devastating fire wreaked havoc on a mobile market in Saddar, Peshawar, leaving behind a trail of destruction that included dozens of shops, warehouses, and storage cabins. Preliminary estimates by Dawn News suggest the total damages amount to approximately Rs. 1.5 billion.

The fire quickly escalated, fueled by exploding mobile batteries that contributed to its relentless spread. Rescue officials recount a distressing scene as the flames rapidly consumed each level of the structure, causing panic and chaos among both shopkeepers and customers.

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The impact of the fire extended beyond mobile shops, affecting battery storage units and several repair service stores. A substantial rescue operation, involving over 30 fire brigade vehicles and four water bowsers, was initiated to combat the third-stage fire. Teams from the Pakistan Army, Air Force, and the Cantonment Board collaborated in addressing the crisis.

Despite the severity of the situation, Rescue 1122 successfully evacuated four individuals trapped within the mobile market shops, offering a glimmer of hope amid the tragedy. While the precise cause of the fire remains uncertain, initial reports suggest a short circuit or a gas leak as potential triggers.

Following the incident, the district administration promptly launched a comprehensive inquiry and committed to providing relief and support to those affected by the calamity. The collaborative efforts of rescue teams, including military personnel, ensured that there were no reported fatalities in the aftermath of the fire.

Swift evacuation of nearby residences prevented further casualties or harm to the neighboring community. Bilal Ahmad Faizi, the spokesperson overseeing the rescue operations, provided reassurance by confirming the absence of reported fatalities, offering a semblance of hope amidst the tragic circumstances.