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Lahore Bans Roadside Qurbani Animal Sales Before Eid

Lahore Bans Roadside Qurbani Animal Sales Before Eid

LAHORE – As Eid ul Adha approaches, Pakistanis buy animals for sacrifice, often leading sellers to avoid official cattle markets to evade taxes. This year, the Punjab Home Department has enforced Section 144 to regulate the sale of sacrificial animals and prevent chaos. This regulation prohibits the sale of such animals outside designated cattle markets.

According to the new orders, buying and selling sacrificial animals on roads and streets is banned, except in the eight designated cattle markets. This restriction will remain effective until June 20, in line with Eid ul Adha preparations.

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The enforcement of Section 144 aims to maintain public order and ensure smooth traffic flow in Lahore. The decision followed a request from the Lahore Deputy Commissioner, emphasizing the need for law and order during this busy period.

The designated cattle markets have been strategically set up across Lahore. These markets, located at Shahpur Kanjra, LDA City Defence Road, Burki Road Paragon, Saggian Road, Sports Complex Addarakh, NFC Multan Road, Raiwind Sundar Road, and New King Lane, are exempt from Section 144, allowing for the legal sale and purchase of sacrificial animals within their boundaries.