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Lahore Court Denies Bail To Husband In The Zainab Jamil Assault Case

Lahore Court Denies Bail To Husband In The Zainab Jamil Assault Case

Progress has been significant in the shooting case involving model Zainab Jamil, as the Lahore sessions court has denied interim bail to her husband, Muhammad Jamil, accused of shooting her. Additional Sessions Judge Qamar Abbas presided over the hearing where the bail was rejected due to the suspect’s non-compliance. Muhammad Jamil faces charges for allegedly shooting his wife, resulting in her injury.

The incident, which garnered substantial public and media attention, saw Model Zainab Jamil injured. A source close to the investigation disclosed that the court found sufficient grounds to deny interim bail, underscoring the seriousness of the accusations against Jamil.

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On June 27, progress in the investigation was notable, with police arresting five suspects linked to the attempted murder of salon owner and model Zainab Jamil. SP Cantt Owais Shafiq confirmed the arrests, detailing the roles of the suspects in the attack.

One of the main suspects, identified as Zia, provided the motorcycle and firearms used in the shooting. Investigation findings indicated that Zainab Jamil’s driver, Adeel, informed her husband, Sardar Jamil, about her whereabouts, leading to the attack’s execution.

SP Cantt Owais Shafiq further revealed that Zia not only supplied the weapons and vehicle but also transported the shooters to and from the crime scene. The shooters, who originated from Karachi, flew into Lahore and returned via road after the incident.